Negative to the Power of Infinity

by Dirac Sea

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From Seattle, Washington, USA, Dirac Sea is a HNW act by one of the HNWallers who holds the most unique sound and textures, Peter Keller (Condo Horro, Bacillus). Negative to the Power of Infinity consists of 3 tracks of multi-layered crackles, complemented by atmospheric sounds of interstellar space and subatomic particles microtonally tuned to the nanosecond. A great one to sit back and explore.

Review from Noise Not Music by Jack Davidson:

When the Bandcamp description for Negative to the Power of Infinity states that it is “a great one to sit back and explore,” it could not be any more of an understatement. Peter Keller’s newest project as Dirac Sea (other aliases include Condo Horro and Bacillus, the latter of which released the crushing and terrifying Serial Infector last year) embarks further into the cosmos with its immersive blend of shifting crackles and spacey ambience. The attention to detail in each of the three extended pieces is nothing short of astonishing; sputtering textures like the restless underpinnings of an unchecked blaze form the basis for drones that float off into emptiness in “Interstellar Waves at 1019eV,” creating a soundscape that is simultaneously physical and elusively celestial. Keller harnesses his sounds with the patience necessary for wall composition, but also with an ear for subtle development, allowing the two facets of this dual sonic environment to breathe in and out in harmony with each other. For this reason it would be criminal to jump ship on any of these tracks before their full duration; in doing so you’d miss the gorgeous tones that occasionally emerge amidst the reticent cacophony of “Interstellar Waves,” or the evolution of the hulking hums and laser blasts that underlie the tense “Negative Charged Muon Courting a Negative Charge Pion,” or the motion of “Probing the Void” that seems to both speed up and stay the same. Negative to the Power of Infinity is a masterpiece of the contemporary wall noise renaissance, developing its ambitious ideas with admirable skill.

Review from Musique Machine by Roger Batty:

Negative to the Power of Infinity is a decidedly moody & space-bound walled noise release- it offers up three twenty minute tracks that blend together static texturing, with a darkly interstellar ambient backdrop. This release appeared in March of this year on Bangkok label Perpetual Abjection- who focuses in on art edition walled noise releases.
This release appeared in a physical edition of twenty copies- the CDR comes in a silver/ grey Spray painted CDR and DVD case- with half of the copies coming with coarse salt and the other half with rock salt lumps. There’s also a hand numbered inlay card, also spray painted. Sadly all twenty copies have gone now, so ones only option is to download this release from the labels band camp.

Dirac Sea is one of the projects of the highly talented Seattle, Washington based noise maker Peter Keller- whose other projects are the excellent ghost bound static noise Geißt, Condo Horro, & Bacillus. This project has been active since 2017- so far put out three or so releases- with seemingly all of its release been on the more pared back, space-bound end of walled noise/static texturing side of things.

Each of the albums three tracks comes in around the twenty-minute mark, and each has a fairly lengthy title. So first up we have "Interstellar Waves at 1019eV"- this brings together feasting & scuttling static detail, with a slow simmer ambient synth drift. The textured elements bring to mind strange whipping, twisting & crawling organic life- while the semi warbling & hovering ambience adds a feeling of dark interstellar mystery & dread to the proceedings. Also amping up the atmosphere another notch is the occasional swishing & sweeping tones, which add subtle eerier-ness to the track. It’s certainly a great start to the album- really pulling you into unsettled-yet-alien feasting out of space.

Track two is the lengthily titled “Negative Charged Muon (Lifetime of 2.19703 × 10−6 Seconds) Courting A Negative Charged Pion (Lifetime of 2.6030 × 10−8 Seconds)”- and here we see the blending of rapidly scuttling & scraping layer texturing- with a backdrop of brooding-yet- spacy synth hum & scorching pulse sears. Whereas the first track felt like we were floating through the stars, as something alien starts to meld with you- this track feels like the journey has now stopped, and ones stuck on a large rock, as the life form rapidly accelerate it’s feasting & consuming you. It really is both unsettling & somehow fascinating, as Keller skillful & subtle builds the textured detail to a defined gallop.

Lastly, we have “Probing the Void”- here we see the bringing together of dense & detailed matt of pops, clicks, swirls & feast detail- with a more subtle ambient undercurrent, which just consists of distant spacey harmonic drifts & ebbs. As the track progresses I can make out faint sub-bass ebbs, and this enhanced by more slurred drone & rumbles. This track seems to nicely finish off our sonic tale- as here it feels like all of your human elements have all but gone, and you're just left as a feasting & slurping mass with a vaguely humanoid shape- as you make your way through a hauntingly strange & surreal planetscape.

With each of his projects Keller managers to create a distinctive & unequal atmospheres- and with Dirac Sea he really does summon up the feeling of both space-bound, and alien atmospherics- and he does so in such a masterful & creative manner. Negative to the Power of Infinity is yet another wonderful defined, skilled & clever release from Keller- which really pushing the possibilities of walled noise/ static texturing to new heady levels- he really is head & shoulders above many artists in the scene- and really that’s what makes it so frustrating with the often small pressing his work more people need to hear his work. It's really worth trying to track down an original physical copy of this release if at all this is most certainly one of the wall-noise highlights of 2019.



released March 8, 2019


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Microlabel based in Bangkok, Thailand founded in May 2017 strictly focusing on limited-run HNW releases with handmade packgaging.

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